Finally a serious report from a serious journalist who isn’t afraid to go against the lies from the White House

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 22, 2021

Joe Biden is quickly proving that he is not only a threat to the safety of Americans, but he is also a threat to people throughout the world.

According to a bombshell report, Biden refused to listen to the advice of his top military officials and decided to move ahead with the disastrous US pullout in Afghanistan.

***Judge Jeanine’s*** report below is the best yet.

Biden allegedly overruled his generals who advised that he should keep 2,500 servicemen on the ground in Afghanistan to help with negotiations between Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Instead, Biden decided to conduct a complete withdraw which led to a quick Taliban takeover who now control many US assets including weaponry, helicopters and other vehicles.[Source]

It’s a shame Jake Tapper ended up with CNN the ultimate fake news agency.

Under Obama he he was the correspondent and…

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