RNC Looking For 2024 Candidate

The Lone Cactus

The Republican National Committee is currently looking for a good man (or woman) to be their next presidential candidate. Qualifications? None really, except you should be conservative, you should be decisive, popular, able to sway people into your way of thinking. Basically they are looking for Donald Trump.

Oh…they would prefer it if you didn’t have a Twitter account.

It’s become public that the RNC would love to see a Donald Trump-like candidate in 2024, but without all of the stuff that made Trump so damn unpresidential. If you could combine the politics of Trump with say the deportment of someone like a Ronald Reagan, you’d probably have the perfect Republican candidate. I guess if you were on the RNC search committee right now, and were looking for someone to run in 2024, that’s about as close a guess as to the ideal candidate as you could get.

It got…

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