Military planes evacuating Afghans drop flares and make ‘diving combat landings’ amid fears of ISIS missile attacks

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 23, 2021

Against overwhelming odds the U.S. military is ready and able to do the job to bring the last American home.

Qualification to attempt to be a member of Force Recon.

Marine Recon (MOS 0321): Career Details: [MOS=Military Occupation Specialty.]

The United States Marine Corps is a unique branch of the military that is extremely elite and fierce.

Within the Marine Corps lies a special MOS that is even more elite and fearsome, U.S. Marine Recon. MOS 0321 is the designation for Marine recon.

What exactly is Marine reconnaissance?

It is a MOS that is very difficult to be selected for and it is one of the most challenging and high-speed career options that the USMC has to offer.

Recon Marines are warriors who aren’t afraid to fight in the shadows or go to locations where others refuse to venture.[Source]

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