Who Is Kamala Harris and Why it Matters?

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 24th, 2021

What she hopes we did not know about her or haveforgotten.

The truth is that Harris doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Even at the simplest part of her job, public appearances, she is falling embarrassingly flat.

She says ridiculous things in interviews with friendly journalists, as when she said in February that she was taken aback at the lack of a vaccine “stockpile” when she came into office.

(Why would there be a stockpile of vaccines that had been rush-produced and were immediately distributed in orderto stop a pandemic?)

She laughs when it’s inappropriate, such as that time when a reporter asked if she had any plans to visit the southern border, and her answer, “not today,” was followed by a forced and self-conscious cackle.

Addressing a graduating class at the Naval Academy last week, she crammed in a gender-inclusive…

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