BOOM! Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its confusing ‘approval’ of Pfizer vax

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Aug. 23 it had granted full approval to the first Covid “vaccine” under the brand name Comirnaty, the mainstream media immediately ran with the narrative.

Joe Biden jumped in front of a microphone and told businesses they needed to “step up” the mandating of vaccines for their employees.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told national media outlets he expected a whole host of new “mandates” to be fueled by the “approval” of the Pfizer jab.

There’s only one problem. The “approval” given by the FDA was not for the Pfizer jab currently available in the U.S. market.

The devil is always in the details. Some of us weren’t fooled.

See our article, which has over the past three days received nearly 150,000 reads: FDA ‘playing bait and switch’ with Americans, tricking them into believing shots currently being offered have been granted full approval when…

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The Problem Biden. The Question What To Do. The Answer?

The Problem Biden. The Question What To Do. The Answer?



This is the face of Islam. Not the sugar coated “religion of peace” pushed by liberal Moslem apologists. Islam, an evil cult of intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction for 14 centuries.


boudica us Published August 28, 2021

RumbleWARNING *GRAPHIC* VIDEO: Biden’s Taliban Partners MASS EXECUTIONS Of Civilians *To Shouts of “ALLAHU AKBAR!’

Following the Taliban takeover of Kabul, US officials there gave the Islamic extremist group the names of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies so they could be allowed to enter the Taliban-controlled perimeter around Hamid Karzai International Airport, according to Politico.

The decision reportedly was made despite the Taliban’s notorious reputation for brutally executing Afghans who helped the US military and other Western forces during the war and occupation that followed the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Geller Report

Spanish Flu Did Not Kill 50,000,000 Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now.

Spanish Flu Did Not Kill 50,000,000 Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now.

boudica us Published August 26, 2021 10 Views

RumbleThe 1918 Influenza

VERY FEW PEOPLE realize that the worst epidemic ever to hit America, the Spanish Influenza of 1918 was the after effect of the massive nation-wide vaccine campaign. Viruses were not known at that time so the doctors told the people that the disease was caused by germs. Germs, bacteria and viruses, along with bacilli and a few other invisible organisms are the scapegoats, which the doctors like to blame for the things they do not understand.

If we check back in history to that 1918 flu period, we will see that it suddenly struck just after the end of World War I when American soldiers were returning home from overseas, although there was a suggestion that the virus strain originated at Fort Riley, Kansas, in viruses in poultry and pigs which the fort bred for food; the soldiers were then sent from Fort Riley around the world, where they spread the disease. WWI was the first war in which multiple vaccines were forced on all U.S. servicemen.

“It was a common expression during the war that more soldiers were killed by vaccine shots than by shots from enemy guns.”—E. McBean

This concoction of poisonous drugs and putrid proteins of which the vaccines were composed, caused such widespread disease & death among the soldiers that it was the common talk of the day, that more of our men were being killed by medical shots than by enemy gunfire.


EXTRA! Supremes Hand Biden Second Major Loss

The Lone Cactus

After this week, Joe Biden is going to want to find the nearest basement and stay down there. It’s like the guy can’t catch a break. It’s inept comment after bungled decision after screw up at the White House these days. And when he does make a decision, the Supreme Court is there to whack him across his backside.

They did it again.

First the high court decided on a 6-3 tally that they wouldn’t issue a stay on the Trump-era “Stay In Mexico” policy, whereby illegals trying to get into this country without going through the proper immigration procedures would have to stay in Mexico while they await their court hearing. Donald Trump imposed that directive during his term and along with building “the wall” it seems to have stemmed the tide of illegals trying to breach the border. I mean, who wants to spend 18 months in Mexico…

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Another Definition of “Racist”

The Lone Cactus

Obama appointed federal judge, Miranda Du has added another definition to the word “racist”. In an opinion that I’m pretty sure I’d bet my house on will get overturned, she has defined borders as racist.


Du has decided the Section 1326 of federal law, which makes it a felony for a deported illegal alien to re-enter the United States of America illegally is unconstitutional because it is racist. How in the world this socialist judge can come up with the claim that borders are racist and so is a law that’s actually been on the books since the 1920’s you ask? I’m happy to tell you.

After much consternation and thought on how she was going to pull this one off and not immediately get slapped down by the 9th Circuit, which as liberal as they are would have to think she’s off her rocker, she decided to trace…

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Nowhere to hide, President Biden: President adopts fetal position pose as he crumbles under questioning from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy and tries to blame Trump for the catastrophe in Afghanistan | BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

H/T Arlin Report

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Joe Biden was filmed crumbling after he called on Fox News journalist Peter Doocy at a press conference, only to be accused of failing to answer Doocy’s question.

Biden, 78, looked lost for words after being asked if he bore responsibility for an ISIS-K suicide attack at Kabul Airport on Thursday that killed 13 US service personnel, before bowing his head and clutching a file tightly around his hands.

He did so moments after raising eyebrows by revealing he had been given a list of pre-approved journalists to call on, saying: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC.’

Doocy was the last journalist called, with Biden left tongue-tied after tried to throw a question back at Doocy about why Fox News was neglecting to mention that Donald Trump had confirmed the withdrawal when he…

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Biden Takes Questions After Afghanistan Attack, Says He Was ‘Instructed’ On Which Reporters To Call On (VIDEO) | American Lookout

H/T Arlin Report

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Approximately six hours after a suicide bomber killed 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan on Thursday, Joe Biden made a statement and took a few questions from the media. It was painful to watch.

Biden struggled, as usual but when he finally took questions things got downright bizarre.

He began by saying out loud that he was “instructed” on which reporters he should call on for questions.

Townhallhas details:

Disgrace: Weak Biden Struggles Through Remarks After 13 Americans Killed

The day 13 American service members and an unknown number of Afghans were killed by suicide bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan, President Joe Biden was 25 minutes late to address the nation in a roaming speech marked with labored breathing and a few choked-up moments.

Biden said he’s “outraged as well as heartbroken” after “ISIS-K took the lives of service members standing guard at the airport” in Kabul Thursday.

“These American service…

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