Another Definition of “Racist”

The Lone Cactus

Obama appointed federal judge, Miranda Du has added another definition to the word “racist”. In an opinion that I’m pretty sure I’d bet my house on will get overturned, she has defined borders as racist.


Du has decided the Section 1326 of federal law, which makes it a felony for a deported illegal alien to re-enter the United States of America illegally is unconstitutional because it is racist. How in the world this socialist judge can come up with the claim that borders are racist and so is a law that’s actually been on the books since the 1920’s you ask? I’m happy to tell you.

After much consternation and thought on how she was going to pull this one off and not immediately get slapped down by the 9th Circuit, which as liberal as they are would have to think she’s off her rocker, she decided to trace…

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