EXTRA! Supremes Hand Biden Second Major Loss

The Lone Cactus

After this week, Joe Biden is going to want to find the nearest basement and stay down there. It’s like the guy can’t catch a break. It’s inept comment after bungled decision after screw up at the White House these days. And when he does make a decision, the Supreme Court is there to whack him across his backside.

They did it again.

First the high court decided on a 6-3 tally that they wouldn’t issue a stay on the Trump-era “Stay In Mexico” policy, whereby illegals trying to get into this country without going through the proper immigration procedures would have to stay in Mexico while they await their court hearing. Donald Trump imposed that directive during his term and along with building “the wall” it seems to have stemmed the tide of illegals trying to breach the border. I mean, who wants to spend 18 months in Mexico…

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