The Biden strikes back!

H/T gds44


What a fucking joke. After spending 2.26 Trillion Dollars and 20 Yrs. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. Now the brain dead twat that inhabits the white house thinks that he can make up for his disastrous blunder with an airstrike.

13 dead US service members because that 50 year political deadbeat can’t think his way out of a paper bag. You lost for the US. We did not leave in a position of power. We slinked away with our tail between our legs leaving countless people behind

You Mr. Biden are the worst that America has to offer. You are a pretender, a cheat and a thief; but worst of all, a coward. You can’t take any responsibility for the disaster that you and your fishnet wearing woke Generals caused. You hid along with your staff after these men lost their lives. Private citizens and other countries are…

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