Have You Noticed Biden’s Two Biggest Screw Ups Are Related?

The Lone Cactus

Everyone knew Joe Biden was a gaffe machine before he even decided to run for president. And he didn’t disappoint during the campaign. From calling a voter in Iowa “Fats” and challenging him to pushups over the fact the guy didn’t like some of Biden’s positions, to getting into it with a auto worker in Detroit, to calling a woman in New Hampshire a “Dog Face Pony Soldier” (whatever that is!).

But since he’s been in the White House, Biden has made three absolute horrendous decisions that have come back to haunt him in his approval numbers. The first actually occurred during the Democrat Primary Debates when he said he’d welcome the illegal aliens (he called them something else) to America, and was all for giving them free healthcare. That of course, is what spurred on the whole mass migration that Donald Trump had all but stopped at the southern…

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