the white house says you can’t post that delete it lol (Video)

the white house says you can’t post that, delete it lol


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Rumblethe white house says you can’t post that, delete it lol

Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg (Video)

Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg


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RumbleGreenpeace’s Ex-President Reacts To Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg

Trends Journal: Show Us Your Vax Papers (Video)

Trends Journal: Show Us Your Vax Papers


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RumbleTrends Journal: Show Us Your Vax Papers *Language

The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends.




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BY David John Sorensen and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD

The Vaccine Death Report reveals a horrifying reality: millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental covid injections. The Vaccine Death Report shows all the evidence for this, with hundreds of references that allow for further investigation.

This report is a critical alarm call to the world.
Download it and distribute it far and wide.

cover vaccine death report

Part 2: COVID Facts & Vaxx Facts – DON’T Follow Official Liars

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© September 29, 2021

I have a terrible sense the lies propagandized upon Americans (and the one-time free world) is the hope of stealth Marxist agenda (you really should read up on Antonio Gramsci) to attempt the final transformation nails in the American concept of individual Liberty coffin. Why else would it be acceptable for the number of adverse reactions (including deaths by the thousands) that have exceeded a half-a-million aberrant side-effects when earlier vaccinations with far-far less casualties were removed due to harm?

I found this Dr. Mercola post talking about Jab casualties and the mysterious push to continue jabbing. Though…

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We need to deep-dive into the dynamics of Facebook – By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News

The company has built a system that exempts high-profile users from some of its rules while regular users are sanctioned over them. 

With an exponential upsurge in “cancel culture“, which has been called a highly-developed Marxist weapon, it is now the main go-to operational method utilized by America’s political power-brokers on the left. But for a lock-step alignment with what has, for all intents and purposes, morphed into the Mockingbird Media, its effects would be negligible.

Basically, its end goal is to stifle freedom of speech; the cornerstone of which individualism and liberty rests. Thankfully and concomitantly, millions have awakenedSleeping giants. Rest assured, it is this awakening which has drawn a bulls-eye around social media giants, that is, with Facebook in the direct cross-hairs. Indeed, it is the defacto internet since nearly every site connects to it…

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It’s a Moslem Thing 9-30-2021

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This Day in History

On This Day…
Sep 30, 2006: Islamabad, Pakistan
A Christian man dies under torture while serving a
prison sentence for touching the Quran: 1 Killed

12 Reasons NOT To Speak Up! (Video)

12 Reasons NOT To Speak Up!


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RumbleWhat is going on?

Awaken With JP 12 Reasons NOT To Speak Up!