What actually happened in the movie depiction of Blackhawk Down

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 1st, 2021

As is often the case, “The Truth Can be stranger than fiction.

Airborne Rangers who answered the call thought they were going out for a cake walk, a walk in the park if you will.

They were unprepared for the action on the ground arriving with enough ammunition for such an outing they quickly found themselves in over their heads, out manned and out gunned.

Once again what were we doing there?

Medeling inthe affairs of other countries civil wars will always be a losing proposition.

Sure we might win a skirmish or two but rarely a war.

Drawing of a helicopter on a wall of a house located at the first American helicopter crash site in Mogadishu. The Somali word on the helicopter’s side, kulva, is an attempt to spell the word “Cobra,” which was one kind of…

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Biden Administration Erased Afghan Weapons Reports From Federal Websites

Jim Campbell's

Jim Campbell

September 1st, 2021

Destroying government property is a felony and that is exactly with this woeful rudderless ad ministration has done.

What could Biden’s cabal have possibly been thinking?

All who know about this fiasco are well aware of were our military hardware ended up, there could be nothing to gain with the exception of bigger bombs about to be dropped so we will be distracted by the media on this issue.

Will anything be done about it? Not likely as it seems that only we the people are continually oppressed by the agencies if the federal government while the anointed are left alone.

Doubt it? What has happened to the case of Hillary Clinton having government on her personal lap tops.

As her case is being slow walked through the system, nothing of consequence is likely to happen to her as well.

Timely humorousvideo below.

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Heaven and the Near-Death Experience from those who came back

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Comment by Jim Campbell

September 1st, 2021

For the believer in God this will be certainly uplifting.

I set out on the project because of a commitment I had made through visiting her site.

She goes by Donna Brown, her site is here. ·iblogstr8sicit.wordpress.com (Just click on any image on her page)

After working on this, I’m confused, and not really sure what to believe but one this is certain my faith in God is strong.

Many more sources are available here.

Near Death.com

by Kevin Williams

Looking up the trunk of a giant rainforest tree to the canopy, Ecuador

Where is heaven? Is it up in the sky somewhere? From the beginning of recorded history, humans have expressed in various ways their desire to attain heaven – as a paradise on earth and after death. But history shows how searching for a heaven on earth is like searching for an illusion. Religions have been created to help people…

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The Best Democrat Campaign Commercial Ever

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 1st, 2021

The irony is that most on the left believe this nonsense without giving it a second thought.

This is why America has nearly been brought to it’s knees once again because the Constitution continues to allow people too ignorant to vote to continue doing so.

They don’t need commercials, to win all they need do is cheat, like in the last presidential election.


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Theories on why Kabul fell so quickly

H/T Arlin Report

American Buddhist Net

Trump demands to get back all the US equipment in the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan. I think there may be two possible alternate explanations for why the equipment was left behind. Explanation one is they were left behind because the manufacturers paid off the people who made the decisions – the Generals, Biden, his staff, and so on. Now we will have to spend hundreds of  billions to replace all of that equipment and the manufacturers will get paid. The second, and maybe more likely possible explanation, is the voter audit report in Arizona was suddenly going to hit and they needed a false flag to take over the news cycle. Somewhere, somebody suddenly realized if Kabul fell, and the Taliban took over, the visuals would be so dramatic it would completely occupy the minds of the people. But I think the timing was so tight, they needed to…

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Fauci considering booster shots every FIVE months for all Americans… the spike protein assault never ends – NaturalNews.com

H/T Arlin Report.
Fauci is an arrogant POS. If he was such an authority we would never have had all this authoritarian BS. Whatever COVID is this is a government plandemic, not a health pandemic.
Bob A.

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Image: Fauci considering booster shots every FIVE months for all Americans… the spike protein assault never ends

(Natural News) When Dr. Anthony Fauci first elbowed his way to the podium and took the national stage — tiptoeing and reaching up to the microphone — he had an air of authoritarianism about him, a persona of arrogance. When he spoke about separating people by six feet, and shutting down their lives — motioning for governments and corporations to follow suit — his fearful and controlling ways became evident, on display for all the world to see.

But not everyone saw this man for the abusive deceiver he truly is. The bioweapon being replicated in human cells through mRNA vaccination is based off the same gain-of-function virus research that Fauci was a part of, whichhe lied about for over a year. As Fauci continues to threaten basic civil liberties and body autonomy rights, he is looking for new ways to mandate these COVID shots. Now…

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joe biden began his assault on americans since january, right here at home. afghanistan not a surprise! Arlin report thought(s) of the day

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

We are presently witnessing Joe Biden’s attack on American citizens and allies left behind in Afghanistan. We should have and some of us were certain this was to be expected. Even the good (withdrawal from Afghanistan) is tainted. Badly tainted, as billions of dollars were left behind, making this terrorist nation the most heavily armed in history. THIS WAS AVOIDABLE. GET YOUR PEOPLE AND ALLIES OUT, REMOVE THE EQUIPMENT, BRING IT HOME. DESTROY MILITARY BASES, THEN WITHDRAWAL THE TROOPS. BIDEN DID THIS ALL BACKWARDS. A 4TH GRADER KNOWS BETTER. What is next? Does Biden train the Taliban to fly our military aircraft left in their hands?

As bad as the withdrawal, the way it was done, was an attack on those left behind. Not surprising JOE BLOW would screw this up. We should have known it would happen; after all, Joe Biden has been attacking Americans here at home since…

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Biden: Stained With Blood

The NeoConservative Christian Right

I am a bit late in locating this Justin Smith submission in my inbox. The last plane sponsored by the U.S. left Afghanistan yesterday. Last week there were reports of thousands stranded Americans in Afghanistan, yesterday as the last plane left the Daily Journal reports 200 stranded Americans and thousands of stranded Afghan allies left behind. As the Taliban tightened their grip on Afghanistan, and even as the last planes departed AND no doubt the virus of Islamic Supremacism begins the process Quranic and Sharia Law – the tyranny of brutal murders continue:

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