Kamala, America Just Ain’t Feeling It

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 31st 2021

We don’t follow polls at this site as they are not that useful.

Common sense would dictate in a comparison between the items listed below,

Indeed: Willey Mays wasn’t the only one who was a favorite in the bay area, can’t forget Willie Brown who taught her the art of the back stroke while she was married.

A Classic: The Catch by Willey Mays

“Camela,” she would come in behind the bubonic plague, anthrax poisoning, termite infestation in your new all wood house, and unpredictable bouts of flatulence, which befalls her buddy over in the House of Representatives, Jerold Nadler.

She’s polling just slightly ahead of Tree Fungus….. but not because she’s as unlikeable and unappealing as any democrat since that Clinton Woman……or because she couldn’t out primary a loony Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson.

It has nothing to do with…

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