Taliban open chain of Army Surplus Stores Selling War Material left behind by the Biden Administration to Americans

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 2nd, 2021

White House Refuses to Confirm or Deny Embarrassing Details of Joe Biden’s Call with Afghanistan President: Taliban open War Surplus Stores in America.

It’s just not that difficult to forever cement one’s position in history, particularly if your name is Joe Biden and your party picked you to be thrown to the wolves in the stolen election on 2000.

His dealings with the Taliban before the fall are more than troubling.

He likely paved the way for the rag heads to open up a chain of War Surplus Stores so that the Taliban could sell our weapons back to us, for a cut of the action going directly to Joe, Hunter and the Clinton Family Crime Foundation.

This is a matter of fact and must no longer be with held from the public.

I’m sending this to Tom Fitton at Judicial…

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