There Is No True Islam

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 2, 2021      

As a Christian, and student of Islam for many years trying to find out about what makes the followers tick, I found this short article to be easily understood and on the money.

The title is an argument that begins with the supposition that Islam, considering that it is both a political system and a religion, is far too complex to mean only one thing to all of those who embrace it. 

(Islam) holds many meanings to many different people; it is as heterogeneous as are the people who follow it — so says Edward Said, a Columbia University professor.

Noeroel Islam-moskee

“Noeroel Islam-moskee”byRoel Wijnantsis licensed underCC BY-NC 2.0

There is some uniformity, of course, in prayer and ritual, but among some, there are only five pillars of faith, while others observe six (adding Jihad). 

Not all Moslems…

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