NYC Goes FULL 1984 Vaccine Cards For Building Entry; NO Medical Exemption

Modern Republican

Tim Pool re: some recent developments in New York City, August 17th


“Democrat mayor DeBlasio signed the executive order on the 16th to go into effect on the 17th.

While Democrats have consistently advocated for the dystopian policy Republicans have rejected it. Now several cities are mandating vaccine proof. In the most alarming developed NYC confirmed that there is no medical exemption and those with underlying conditions will be barred services.

Now NY Times is reporting the US will begin recommending COVID booster shots after 8 months.”

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‘Severe Morbidity’ DATA In U.S. PROVES Vaccines Cause More Harm Than Good

Modern Republican

America Floats covers risks associated with Covid-19 versus vaccines, as revealed in the data now available to us re: the virus and vaccinations after over a year of spread, infections, and nearly a year of vaccine availability, August 31st

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Today Is The Day

The Lone Cactus

If you’re keeping score at home, today is August 31st. That means today is the self-imposed, Joe Biden-approved deadline for all US troops to be out of Afghanistan. Now, you have to parse words in Biden’s statement, ala Bill Clinton. We have to understand what the meaning of “is” is.

Biden did not say that all Americans would be out of Afghanistan. He said all troops would be out of Afghanistan. Yesterday the Pentagon announced that “the last US Military plane had left Afghanistan”. That was a whole day and a half early. But to be honest, we’re not sure. Because nobody, not Joe Biden, not the Generals in the Pentagon, not the news media that keeps track of this stuff, not the people at the Kabul airport, nobody knows how many Americans are stranded in that country.

And yes…they are stranded. For Jen Psaki’s edification, here is the Free…

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EXTRA! Another Biden Lie Hits Home

The Lone Cactus

Joe Biden isn’t a guy that’s been known throughout his career for telling the truth. Joe Biden has been a guy that’s been known throughout his career for saying whatever he needed to say at the moment in order to make people happy. That’s what makes Joe Biden, Joe Biden.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Joe Biden lied on August 18th, when he was being interviewed by ABC News’, George Stephanopoulos. What he said during that interview was that it was the objective of the military to get everyone out of Afghanistan, be it US troops, Americans, or Afghans that had helped America over the past 20 years. He continued,

“That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the path we’re on. And I think we’ll get there,” he said. “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out.”

He lied.

Well, he…

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Myriad Of Topics Doom Dems’ Chances Next Year

The Lone Cactus

There are plenty of reasons for Democrats to be worried about next year’s midterm elections. It seems that the “perfect storm of politics” is starting to hit them hard, and there doesn’t appear anything that they can do about it.

Most people vote with their wallets and pocketbooks, that’s been the long held belief. And if that is the case, the latest financial news isn’t very glowing for the left. It shows that while inflation is currently logged in at a 4.2% rate, far above the Fed’s target of 2%. It’s so bad that the White House just doubled that target to 4% for the year. Consumer confidence and consumer spending is on the wane. In June, consumers spent 1.1% less than they did the year earlier. And in July it was 0.3% less, signaling a slowing in demand.

As the prices increase, and the demand shrinks it means only…

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America To Biden: RESIGN NOW!

The Lone Cactus

Rasmussen just released a national telephone poll that they conducted whereby they asked people how they felt about Joe Biden’s screw up in Afghanistan. The actual question, blunt as it is, was, “Do you think President Joe Biden should resign because of the way the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled?”

52% of respondents in the poll answered YES!

Only 39% said he should not resign, and 9% had no opinion on the matter.

That means that probably every single Republican in the country, most independent voters, and a good deal of Democrats all think that Biden should resign over his handling of the withdrawal.

There is a problem attached to that though… an even greater amount don’t think that K-baby Harris is qualified to replace him if that happens.

That is going to lead to what I would call a “Constitutional Crisis”. You have a very clear demarcation as…

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Mandated Vaccinations?

The Lone Cactus

I haver to be honest here. Anybody that’s read these blogs for any length of time realizes that I’m a consistency freak. I think if you believe one thing one time, it should carry over to believing the same way all of the time. But I have become a little uneasy with that feeling because of all of the talk of “mandated vaccinations” surrounding COVID.

Let me explain.

And by the way, I’m not the only one feeling this way. Liberals will make the case that abortion should be “a woman’s right to choose”, right? That’s their big argument for allowing abortions to be legal. It’s the woman’s right…it’s a personal choice. Yet, when it comes to mandated vaccinations, they want everyone to roll up the sleeves and take the poke. And that’s about as inconsistent as it gets. And yet, I feel just the opposite, for slightly different reasons.

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ISLAM: Producing Thugs Since the Seventh Century

Gds44's Blog

ISLAM: Producing Thugs Since the Seventh Century.

Despite what all the whiny, kiss-ass liberal shills say about Islam–it is a barbaric and nefarious ideology that has produced some of the world’s most violent thugs since the 7th century.

Yeah, that’s right: THUGS!

From its founder Mohammed to the dregs of ISIS–Islam has bred a plethora of rapists, misogynists, pedophiles, decapitators, anti-Semites, torturers and slave masters. And the end result has been nothing short of horrific: Nearly 300 million innocents slaughtered in the name of its moon god, Allah.

And, lest we forget–it was Mohammed who set the vicious paradigm for bloody executions and pedophilia. Not only did the prophet order mass beheadings (such as the one in 627 AD)–but he also sexually molested Aisha (his child bride) when she was all of  9 years old.

Thug? You bet.

But–as we witness the…

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Jihad by Migration

H/T gds44

The Tactical Hermit

The Afghans are Coming!

It’s so massive we are having to deploy troops DOMESTICALLY at military bases all over the country (including at Fort Hood in my home state of Texas) to help contain them.

FYI: It’s NEVER a good thing when U.S. Troops are deployed Domestically folks, regardless of the reason.

Jihad by Migration is happening in real time AGAIN both in America and Europe and if you understand and respect History you know what happens next:

If you have not come to the conclusion that the Morons in Charge want to Destroy Western White Civilization brick by brick by opening the flood gates to the Barbarians, here is your Wake Up Call.

Prepare Accordingly.

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Citizen Tom

Well, we have pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, and we have left Americans behind. We have left our fellow citizens to suffer at the hands of merciless terrorists. It is not like we don’t know what that means. Don’t they post videos of themselves torturing and killing unbelievers?

Do we have an excuse? What would it be? We don’t know any better? It is President Joe Biden’s fault? If it is Biden’s fault, why is he still our president?

Consider some of the things we know, if we have been paying any attention.

  • At first, Biden set September 11th as the date for our withdrawal. People had to angrily complain before he changed it.
  • Before he pulled out our military forces, Biden assured us that the Afghan government would not fall, that we would get all our people out, that there was nothing to worry about.
  • Biden abruptly, in…

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