‘Hamas thinks PM Bennett is weak’. Agreed.

Adina Kutnicki

Prime Minister Bennett removes Israeli flag pin during visit to Arab town

By Adina Kutnicki

IT is always untenable to pretend that what is isn’t. Eventually, the other shoe will drop, that is, when reality juts up against fantasy. Inevitably. Even more so, within the national and geopolitical sphere, it is downright dangerous. Deadly.

SUCH is the case when it comes to Israel’s gaggle of so-called leaders, most especially, within the top-tier. And while the evidence to the aforementioned assessment is too numerous to list, suffice to cite:  

PM Bennett Departs Washington After ‘Warm And Helpful Meeting’ With Biden – Does Full Of Sh*t Resonate??

Report: New Government to Immediately Resume Talks with Palestinian Authority; Meanwhile, Abbas Pays $42,000 to Family of Terrorist Who Killed 2 Israelis – BENNETT-LAPID-ABBAS REGIME; FOXES IN THE HEN HOUSE!

PM Bennett DEMONSTRATES His True Colors: Bereft of Authentic Ideology; Power Hungry, An Absolute Megalomaniac.

IN this regard, akin to a cold day in hell, this address…

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