Bill Gates Military Tribunal: Day 4 + Gates Foundation Threatens Real Raw News – LOOMING SHOWDOWN!

Adina Kutnicki

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By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN it comes to the most evil walking this earth, a common personality trait exists: narcissism. Invincibility, too. They behave as if as if their money, power, and influence serves as a superman-like shield and cover. Yes and no.

ON the one hand, they get away with horrors that would land mere mortals behind bars for lengthy prison terms — or, for that matter, lethal injections. Par for this wretched course of injustice, countless (innocent) dead bodies end up strewn in their wake.

STILL yet, from time to time, even the most well-insulated can’t escape the long-arm of justice, that is, JAG-style.   

AS regular readers are well aware, a host of evil-doers have been caught in their cross-hairs — some of whom have already met their fates, while others are in process of awaiting theirs. All of which circles back to a…

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