I wasn’t a little boy in 1969 but this guy is right about the time

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September, 2021

In fact, I was in Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

According to the drill sergeants, no need to worry about the weather because it changes every 15 minutes, and it did.

I saw hale, snow, rain thunder and lightening on any given day.

It played hell on us, one minute we are warm, the next freezing, is it any wonder we were all sick and in and out of the hospital?

To add complete insult to injury, it was the end of the war, and they weren’t sending more troops, so they held a lottery by birthday.

My birthday is February 26th, the last number to be drawn, read to us on our last day of basic training.

FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO – APRIL 19: U.S. Army soldiers participate in MOPP gear exchange, their final mission of the day, in which they remove…

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