The Truth About Coca Cola and Cocaine

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 6th, 2021

Yes it is true that Coca Cola had cocaine as one of its original ingredients.

She may have not flown higher but she was certainly high when she flew.

The image of the old pharmacy bottle below adds further credibility to the video in that it shows how old pharmacy bottles were used before the delivery to pharmacies in plastic bottles that we are familiar with today.

I collected this type of bottle and gave my collection to a friend.

Coca-Cola bottles, an 125 years old anniversary edition, studio shot.(Getty Images)

Law suits filed against Coca Cola for having cocaine in their product.

In 1909, the federal government brought charges against the country’s best known soft-drink manufacturer, charging it with false advertising and for quietly loading its bottles with a risky stimulant.

Selling products using sex and pretty women was not a coke invention…

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