Time To Cancel Labor Day?

The Lone Cactus

Labor Day has long been one of the six holidays that pretty much everybody gets off, unless you work in something like policing, a fire department, or radio or television station. Labor Day started in 1885 in New York City to celebrate the laborers that made the city tick. It was brought back the next year, and then slowly states all over the country (starting in Oregon) started adopting it. It became a national holiday back in 1894.

Since that time, labor day has morphed into this extra day off of work for most of the 331,000,000 Americans. The parades and bar-be-ques that marked the early days of the holiday have given way to more individual celebrations of days at the beach, or traveling to see friends and family. Not many people other than union leaders do any celebrating relating to actual labor.

So, in this cancel-culture society we now…

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