Toxic Victimhood: John Stossel

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 7th, 2021

What a wonderful way for the real racists to sell their books.

These are the fools that ginned up Black Lives Matter.

Great video explaining who the racists are in our country.

Please note in the video below the whites, kneeling down before blacks begging for their forgiveness.

All lefties, Republicans aren’t into playing their race bating games.

Please listen to Larry Elder below.

He clears up anything John Stossel may have missed.

Elder of course is running for Governor of CA to remove Gavin Newsom who is the worst Governor we have had since Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown.

Ode to Poet.

His dad was a piece of work as well.

NEW YORK, NY – 2010: Former Governor of California and father of Jerry Brown, Pat Brown, demonstrates on the floor for his son during the 1976 New York, New York, Democratic…

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