Pelosi Shows Her True Colors

The Lone Cactus

And they aren’t red, white, and blue.

Don’t forget…Nancy Pelosi, and a dozen or so other Democrats (pictured above) were quick to put on a Kente cloth, even though they didn’t realize they were offending Africans by doing so. They thought they were showing support when George Floyd was murdered. Then they all went into to Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building, and knelt. Well, all but Jerry Nadler. He’s too fat and they would have needed a crane to get him back on his feet, so he stood there looking like the buffoon he is. You remember that, right?

So, when it came time for someone to honor the thirteen servicemen that Joe Biden killed in Afghanistan with his neolithic incompetence, Republican Congressmen wanted to have the names of the thirteen that had sacrificed their lives in service to our country, however cowardly it was being led, read to…

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