President Trump: “You will never be forgotten’ tribute and promise for 9/11 (Video)

President Trump: “You will never be forgotten’

Komorusan Published September 10, 2021

RumblePresident Trump’s tribute and promise for 9/11

Who Can Forget?

The Lone Cactus

It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago this morning, I was at work sitting at my desk when our Director of Sales came in and said that a plane had just run into the World Trade Tower. I had this silly notion running through my head of some little prop plane sticking out of the building. What followed, as I’m sure anyone over the age of 23 or so realizes was probably the darkest day in American history.

It was a few minutes later that a second plane hit the twin towers. At that point, we realized it wasn’t an accident, it was a terrorist attack. It wasn’t some little Cessna, these were commercial jetliners that were being flown into the building. And it continued at the Pentagon. Images started appearing on newscasts. And all work stopped as those of us in the building all had our radios turned…

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Citizen Tom

Tradition attributes the origin of the motto to Philip II of Macedon: Greek: διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε diaírei kài basíleue, in Ancient Greek, meaning “divide and rule” (from Divide and rule).

Insanitybytyes22 has written an excellent post, Society Is a SocialConstruct!, with some great observations! Consider this excerpt.

Allow me to shift over to Miss Manners, or Miss Grundy if you prefer. Regardless, indulge me my schoolmarm avatar. Our good manners and kind words towards one anotherliterally build civilization. We speak society into existence. Remember,society is a social construct.We are constantly in the process of constructing it through our words and actions.

For those of you who think you are insignificant, every “please” and “thank you,” every act of civilized behavior, every act of mercy, is like making a deposit in our vision. Investing in cultural building bonds and mutual funds…

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Joe Biden is not incompetent: He is doing exactly what he was hired to do — collapse America

Joe Biden is a man in obvious cognitive decline. But he is not crazy, stupid or incompetent.

Biden knows who he is and for whom he works. He is a stooge for the global Great Reset and he is doing his job exactly as it was assigned to him by his superiors.

His job, in fact the whole purpose of his dubious presidency, is to precipitate the following:

·        Collapse the supply chain, the dollar and ultimately the American economy.

·        Collapse the American military and embolden enemy forces.

·        Collapse the American healthcare system.

·        Collapse the American border.

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Beijing Biden Jab Mandate a Homeland Attack

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© September 11, 2021

If I post this in time, 20-years ago today groups of Muslims under allegiance to Usama bin Laden’s al Qaeda hijacked some passenger jets to fly into buildings to kill Americans. I was a bit amazed at the response of many to a Justin Smith submission to this blog on 9/7/21 entitled, “We Swore We Would Never Forget”. My amazement was due to a lot of folks on the social media platforms I shared were more concerned about various notions of an “inside job” more than the documented fact that al Qaeda Muslim jihadis hijacked jets to kill Americans.

I am not going to argue whether or not bombs brought down buildings more than hijacked jets. Nor will I argue whether or not insidious members within the U.S. government spurred openly or clandestinely with Muslim Jihadis. (The high…

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2021: jOBAMA & Followers, “Our Patience Is Wearing Thin”. 1933: Joe Goebbels & Followers, “Our Patience Has It’s Limits” (“Liberals” ARE NAZI’S, PERIOD!)

The Mad Jewess

2021: jOBAMA & Followers “Our Patience Is Wearing Thin”. 1933: Joe Goebbels & Followers: “Our Patience Has It’s Limits” (“Liberals ARE NAZI’S, PERIOD!)

The Liberal vax Nazis are just like the 30’s Nazi’s–every damned day. More and more. They become MORE beast like and murderous. Just look at this: NBC guest wants Americans against vaccines to be DRONED. EVIL, SATANIC, BEAST LIKE LEFTISTS:

Look how the Leftist Globalist schmucks are making Jews in Israel sick with their kill shot! And, theyre murdering Jews!!


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It’s 9-11 and THESE Evil, FILTHY, Repugnant, CommieCRAT SLIMEBUCKETS Armed The Taliban:

The Mad Jewess


Even though I now believe that there is more to the ‘official’ story that we heard and watched on 9-11… Please never, EVER forget that these DEMOCRAT MONSTERS armed the Taliban:

May be an image of 6 people and people standing

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The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

The Mad Jewess

The Vaccinated Walk Around SCARED To Death Of Covid While The Unvaccinated Aren’t Frightened At All.

In a sane world, people who receive vaccination would not walk around in fear because they received the ‘magic potion’ serum. But, not now. These are magnificent, evil times. A strange age. A Twilight Zone, indeed … where everything is bass ackwards.

How To Sell Stolen Art, And Why You Shouldn't Bother

From the beginning of this Communist instigated virus, I was not afraid. Around me were people who looked like chickens without heads…like scared little girls.

I remember when the Leftist-Globalist schmucks ‘allowed’ us start going to the store, (howthoughtful…) My husband and I were the ONLY people without masks. The fools with the masks gave us the dirtiest looks. I just smiled back, thinking: ‘Aren’t your masks safe, you silly flibbity-gibbits?’ I would ask these fearful, little, toddler, bed-wetting adults if their masks only worked if I wore mine. It’s kind…

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