A Civil War Looming: Projections on How Long it will Last

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 11th, 2021

This is the type of scenario that should be war gamed at war colleges, not left to a lonely writer to opine.

With our recent endeavors into war, not winning one since WWII perhaps we should take a look at the entire concept of war and knock of trying to establish democracies in countries that have no clue what the term means and only get involved when directly attacked.

Of course President Trump, is no longer in office the results of a stolen election, and for all intents an purposes, Biden isn’t there either.

When it comes to the gibberish people toss out as “solutions” to problems as being inflicting harm toward other human beings, especially fellow Americans.. well, those people are certainly entitled to their opinions..

But those people are sheer idiots and completely ignorant of the ramifications of violence to solve problems.

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