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boudica us Published September 14, 2021

RumbleOle music, this is AWESOME!!!

Will make you smile!! : )

Ole Dammegard & Mo Anton

BIDEN’S HOSTAGE CRISIS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 173 (Video)

BIDEN’S HOSTAGE CRISIS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 173

Published September 13, 2021

RumbleIn this episode, Dinesh reveals how Biden, like Jimmy Carter, has a hostage crisis, but both the administration and its allies in the media refuse to label it as such.  Pondering the vacuous effeminacy of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s public statements, Dinesh says we have met Nietzsche’s “last man” and his name is Blinken.  Author Mary Grabar joins Dinesh to pinpoint the falsehoods of the 1619 Project. Dinesh reflects on how the end of the American era, like the end of the Athenian era in the 5th Century BC, might arise out of a military disaster in a faraway place.





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SHOCK STUDY Vaccinated 27 Times More Likely To Catch COVID (Video)

SHOCK STUDY Vaccinated 27 Times More Likely To Catch COVID


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RumbleOAN has released a shock study showing you are almost 30 times more likely to catch COVID if you are vaccinated.

The Latest Biden Lie

The Lone Cactus

Abraham Lincoln was known as “The Great Emancipator” for his ending slavery and winning the Civil War. Joe Biden is known as “The Great Liar” for his inability to tell the truth.

Joe Biden has a problem with the truth. I’m not sure why. Usually, the truth is much easier to keep straight than when you tell a pack of lies…and maybe that’s Biden’s problem. But Biden’s lies are so benign, they mean so little, that it’s not worth getting caught in their nasty web. Yet, he continues to do so.

The latest one is a great example.

According to Beckett Adams, writing in the Washington Examiner, Joe Biden lied when he said last week in a meeting with Jewish leaders that he “spent time” at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh back in 2018. You’ll remember that there were 11 people murdered in that synagogue. Biden’s word for…

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Take the vaccine … or not

Cry and Howl

China released the COVID 19 virus on the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died either from it or “with it.” Anyone paying attention even in the most cursory way know the numbers have been grossly inflated. This is not to say the virus doesn’t exist and that it isn’t serious. I’m kinda wondering how China can release this thing (if it’s genuinely as deadly as “they” say) world-wide and there hasn’t been any repercussions at all. The politicians and the media continue to cover for China with the “accidental” lab-leak line of crap. Like, some Chinese guy or gal working in the lab with these dangerous viruses and one just decided to slip out the back door. “Whoops! My bad!”

Team Biden, Tony Fauci and company will feed us the line of b.s. because they know we’ll just eat it up. A little fear goes a long…

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Twenty years wait on 9/11 trial is absurd…

H/T Arlin Report

Tony Walther's Weblog

Are you serious!!?? Twenty years since 9/11 and defendants accused of taking part in the planning for the attack have yet to go to trial?

And the latest report is a trial is another year off??!!

This is a shameful farce. It is so absurd that it’s obscene.

I suppose if the plan is to give these guys essentially a life sentence without a conviction, well that’s being done.

But there needs to be justice, as in try them, and then hang ’em.

Gen. Tojo of Japan and some of his gang were hanged three years after World WAR II, and several of the German Nazi leaders who didn’t kill themselves first met the noose only a year after the war.

Osama Bin Laden, leader behind 9/11, was found ten years after and, by most accounts, summarily executed by commandos.

(Stories vary, but it seems that they barged in and…

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VIDEO: Watch Dr. Judy Mikovits and panel discuss Joe Biden’s dictatorial claim of ownership of every American’s body


Every place we go in life, we encounter people carrying myriad viruses and germs. This has always been the case, since the dawn of mankind. It’s a fact of life.

They carry tuberculosis, AIDS, influenza, measles, chickenpox, meningitis, mumps, rubella and all manner of contagions that can be transmitted in all manner of ways.

Yet, we don’t see any calls for digital health passports, no apps on your phone, no social-distancing marks on the floors, no calls to show your papers or a recent negative test for any of these illnesses. Only one. Covid.

And never have we seen a president go on national television like Joe Biden did last week and order everyone to get an injection claiming to prevent any of these diseases under penalty of losing your job and livelihood.

“We are losing patience,” he sneered into the camera with the sinister look of a man possessed.

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