Take the vaccine … or not

Cry and Howl

China released the COVID 19 virus on the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died either from it or “with it.” Anyone paying attention even in the most cursory way know the numbers have been grossly inflated. This is not to say the virus doesn’t exist and that it isn’t serious. I’m kinda wondering how China can release this thing (if it’s genuinely as deadly as “they” say) world-wide and there hasn’t been any repercussions at all. The politicians and the media continue to cover for China with the “accidental” lab-leak line of crap. Like, some Chinese guy or gal working in the lab with these dangerous viruses and one just decided to slip out the back door. “Whoops! My bad!”

Team Biden, Tony Fauci and company will feed us the line of b.s. because they know we’ll just eat it up. A little fear goes a long…

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