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We are Witnessing Worldwide Planned Genocide, Hitler on Steroids w Dr. Zelenko (Video)

We are Witnessing Worldwide Planned Genocide, Hitler on Steroids w Dr. Zelenko

boudica us Published September 15, 2021

RumbleWe are Witnessing Worldwide Planned Genocide, Hitler on Steroids w Dr. Zelenko (Sarah Westhall https://sarahwestall.com/)


You Know It’s Bad When White House Staff Mutes Biden

The Lone Cactus

And apparently, that’s exactly what the folks who work in the White House are doing. When Joe Biden is out doing a public appearance, most of the White House staff will either turn their TV’s off, or mute the sound so they don’t have to listen to the latest gaffes that come from Jokin’ Joe’s mouth.

That is a pretty sad affair when you think about it.

How would you feel about your work environment if whenever your boss said something publicly, you had to turn the sound off so you wouldn’t hear him or her make a total fool of themselves. That really wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in your ability to do a good job, would it?

I remember back when I was in Toledo working at a radio station. We had a mayor at the time that made all sorts of these slip ups, and the…

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Will The Fall Treat Biden Any Better?

The Lone Cactus

Probably not…but he’s hoping so. Biden fell into the “August Trap” that so many recent presidents have fallen into. We’ve outline them here before. Too often, when Congress goes on it’s month long vacation, all hell breaks loose for the federal government and this year was no different.

Biden had crap coming at him from a million different directions. But where the other presidents that had bad Augusts had to react to circumstances that were happening around the world, Joe had to face the music for poor decisions that he himself had made, falling into the same trap that Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson fell into.

Biden told the world during the presidential campaign last fall that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan for eradicating COVID, but that he did. What he failed to say was that his plan was 95% of Trump’s plan and the other 5% really was…

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H/T Citizen Tom

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Big trouble ahead? How do I know? Well, ‘They’ are controlling you. ‘They’ are silencing you by Everett Piper does not provide the first such report.

Here Piper explains what happens what he wrote a column that was unexpectedly popular.

As I say, my column was essentially not the stuff that heretofore the past 20 months would have been considered the most inspiring.

The result?

Despite what I considered pallid content, my article immediately jumped to “trending” status on several news sources such as The Hill, Facebook, Apple News and the like. In fact, it was number three (I think) when I first saw it on one of my news feeds.

But then something peculiar happened. The article just inexplicably disappeared from all the trending lists. It didn’t gradually lose traction. It was just gone. It was featured one second, but then it literally just disappeared. A mere mist. Dust…

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Mark Milley

Countenance Blog

Washington, D.C.

Hot take:

I think he actually did what Bob Woodward is claiming he did. But I don’t think he did it because he honestly thought that Trump was demented and would start a nuclear war. I don’t think he ever thought that, and just trotted it out as a rationalization. In reality, Milley’s problem with Trump wasn’t bellicosity, but the total opposite. Milley didn’t want Trump to enact his staged and carefully planned exit from Afghanistan, because not being engaged in Afg any longer would deprive Milley of opportunities for trinkets. So he strapped up with his Beijing counterpart probably to create a path to where he could engage in some sort of blackmail or extortion against Trump, or at least hurt Trump’s efforts against Beijing.

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‘Treason If True’: Trump Lashes Out At Gen Milley Over Claims Of China Dealings “Behind The President’s Back” | ZeroHedge

H/T Arlin Report

Truth2Freedom's Blog

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley – who just facilitated the transfer of billions of dollars of US military hardware to America’s enemies during the botched Afghanistan pullout –engaged in a ‘top-secret’ mission to undermine President Trump’s ability to order military strikes or launch nuclear weaponsfollowing the Jan.6 Capitol riot, according to a new book by Bob Woodword and theWashington Post‘s Robert Costa.

Milley’streasonous effortallegedly stemmed out of fears that Trump could ‘go rogue,’ according toCNN.

“You never know what a president’s trigger point is,” said Milley – who just separated an entire family of Afghan civilians from their mortal coils in ahaphazard drone strike.

Milley took extraordinary action,and called a secret meetingin his Pentagon office on January 8 to review the process for military action, including launching nuclear weapons. Speaking to senior military officials in charge of the…

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Jab Despotism Shares

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted September 14, 2021

Here are a couple of commentary articles on Beijing Biden’s Jab Despotic Mandates. The first is a Leo Hohmann evaluation of a Brannon House led panel discussion with compelling insights from Dr. Mikovits. The next are the observations of Diane Sori on Jab USELESSNESS. Followed by a couple of Bitchute videos with info on America’s current TYRANNY.

JRH 9/14/21

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VIDEO: Watch Dr. Judy Mikovits and panel discuss Biden’s dictatorial…

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#Psaki Admits The Vaccinated Are “Marked People” Who They Need To Protect:

The Mad Jewess

#Psaki Admits The Vaccinated Are “Marked People” Who They Needs To Protect:

Well, looks like the vaccinated are ‘marked’. Thats what we’ve been telling people but now, its from the horses mouth:

CLICK on the link if it does not show up as a video:







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