You Know It’s Bad When White House Staff Mutes Biden

The Lone Cactus

And apparently, that’s exactly what the folks who work in the White House are doing. When Joe Biden is out doing a public appearance, most of the White House staff will either turn their TV’s off, or mute the sound so they don’t have to listen to the latest gaffes that come from Jokin’ Joe’s mouth.

That is a pretty sad affair when you think about it.

How would you feel about your work environment if whenever your boss said something publicly, you had to turn the sound off so you wouldn’t hear him or her make a total fool of themselves. That really wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in your ability to do a good job, would it?

I remember back when I was in Toledo working at a radio station. We had a mayor at the time that made all sorts of these slip ups, and the…

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