Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy (Video)

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy


boudica us Published September 16, 2021

RumbleMark Dolan: Biden lacks the judgement and cognitive health to deal with this ensuing Afghanistan crisis

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan legacy

In a new low, in the handling of the Afghanistan crisis, Joe Biden, speaking about hurricane Ida, refused to take questions about the biggest international crisis America has faced for decades.

There is no accountability with this man. You can see that the question about Afghanistan actually angered him, as he slapped his hand on the podium. Well he can be as angry as he likes. He’s not as angry as the mother of a Marine killed in the evacuation, who had the following withering assessment: “He is a feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap”.

Not words I would use, but you can understand her anger. If that press conference wasn’t bad enough – remember this guy is always a no show, when faced with the tough questions. He’s no-show Joe. This gaffe prone president, in my view the most dangerous president in modern political history, could also barely conceal his boredom as he attended a ceremony for fallen US soldiers.

He was either checking his watch for the time, for the date, or perhaps he was worried about missing his favourite TV programme. Sesame Street.

Many say this man will not fight the presidential election in three year’s time. Frankly I don’t give him three months at this rate. In my view he lacks the judgement, the intelligence, and the cognitive health with which to deal with this ensuing crisis. And let’s check in shall we, with how it’s going with the new-look nicer, friendlier Taliban. You know, plant-based, woke Taliban 2.0.

Ground news report a folk singer was dragged out of his house and shot by the Taliban, after they banned music. And here is footage of a newsreader, with a couple of thugs behind him, with rifles slung over their shoulder.

I wonder how the BBC’s Huw Edwards would feel working under those circumstances. Seen enough yet? Whether we like it or not, America’s president is the world’s president. And need clear-eyed, brave leadership, as we deal with the consequences of the the catastrophic Allied withdrawal. In many ways the crisis has only just begun. Britain won’t be safe, America won’t be safe and the world won’t be safe until there is someone in the White House that’s actually up to the job. Don’t taker my word for it – the former commander of British troops in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp, says the UK now faces it’s biggest terror threat in years. That’s why this matters. And it doesn’t stop there. There are now reports breaking that North Korea have restarted a nuclear reactor, that is believed to have produced plutonium for nuclear weapons, according to the UN. So do you see why leadership is so critical at this point in our history? Leadership that from the mask loving, high priest of progressive politics Joe Biden is so sorely lacking. No show Joe, has got to go.

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