William Harvey Carney … a real American hero!

Cry and Howl

William Harvey Carney

I stumbled across this story and couldn’t help but feel gratitude. Today people worship professional athletes and perverts as “heroes” when U.S. history is filled with genuine heroes … some black, some brown, some white, some female and some male, but all bound by the love of America, the greatest nation ever.

William Harvey Carney is one. Here’s his story as told in Wikipedia:

William Harvey Carney (February 29, 1840 – December 9, 1908) was an American soldier during the American Civil War. Born as a slave, he was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1900 for his gallantry in saving the regimental colors (American flag) during the Battle of Fort Wagner in 1863. The action for which he received the Medal of Honor preceded that of any other African American Medal of Honor recipient; however, his medal was actually one of the last…

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