Is Trump The Answer?

The Lone Cactus

I think every American outside the Beltway realizes that Joe Biden can’t do what he said he’d be able to do in the campaign. He has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together. His “plan” for fixing the COVID mess was abandoned within days of inauguration. And he’s exacerbated the situation on the southern border by basically inviting illegals to come marching through customs unabated. He’s also made an abortion of the withdrawal in Afghanistan and stranded hundreds of Americans still there. Their only hope of survival rests on the former military and conservative media types that are using private funds to attempt to get them out.

But there is one over-riding question that seems to haunt me.

Is Donald Trump the answer to the mess that’s going on?

I’m not so sure, and a new poll out by CNN, no fan of Trump, it needs to be mentioned…

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