Biden ups the ante: Tells military to get jabbed or face dishonorable discharge

Joe Biden just upped the ante. He’s now requesting that every U.S. service member who rejects his mandatory injection of an experimental gene therapy should face dishonorable discharge.

This amounts to a declaration of war on these soldiers because it’s difficult if not impossible to even get a civilian job with that stain on your record. And, yes, it would also erase their Second Amendment rights.

A dishonorable discharge would place these brave men and women on the same social strata with drug dealers and rapists. Biden had better be careful what he’s asking for on this one.

If 25 to 30 percent of the military gets dishonorably discharged, think of the devastating impact on, not only our national security and the economy, but the social fabric of this once-great nation.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot, the globalists who run Joe Biden don’t believe in nations or nationhood, which…

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