Democrats Complain Putin Stole Their Election Theft Ideas

Jim Campbell's

Who stole the election better?

Comment by Jim Campbell

Try this on, China is using the “extremist” and “misinformation” labels as excuses to further censor the internet in their totalitarian country.

Xi’s worse nightmare:

Xi believes that the US Democrats can shut down freedom of speech in America with those labels, why not use the same ones?

It makes it more difficult for the US to complain about censorship in China.

It is not surprising that the US totalitarians/one party rule players [Democrats] are starting to look like Russia or China.

Birds of a feather…

It’s well past time that the United States returns to its traditional values of limited government and taxation, fiscally responsible spending (balanced budgets), personal accountability, and full freedom of speech and religion for everyone.

Like two actresses who wore the same dress to an awards show, the Biden administration and the Putin administration are acting…

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