Tax The Rich? How About Pay Your OWN!?

The Lone Cactus

Remember this dress? It’s the one that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the $30,000 per ticket mega-gala at the Met a little while ago. And while it garnered a ton of headlines, there was a backstory that wasn’t told.

The dress was designed by designer Aurora James, who called the dress “a powerful message”. It was her little idea of a protest that would put her on the front pages…and it did. Unfortunately for James, it probably would have been better if she had stayed in the shadows.

See…she’s a tax cheat.

James owes taxes in several states, including New York, where the gala was held. She has had at least 15 tax warrants outstanding in the Empire State for not sending tax withholdings to Albany. She currently has three warrants open. Oops. See, employers are supposed to withhold the taxes every time their employees get paid. And most states require…

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