CNN Has Come to Jesus Moment Over Biden’s Failing Presidency

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 24th, 2021

CNN’s anchors and hosts are shown immediately below.

They too realize that their own jobs and futures are tied to the failure in the Oval Office.

Essentially, they have nothing to report but more coverups and lies.


That’s not going to get it.

Biden’s anti-Midas touch is fracturing the Democratic Party.

By: Mark Angelides

September 24, 2021


In a rare display of media honesty, the pro-Biden Fourth Estate is making a subtle shift away from the constant partisan praise back toward actual analysis.

With President Joe Biden seemingly beset at every turn by crises of his own creation, it may be that the media finally decided that naptime is over.

Or perhaps any shred of credibility left remaining was thought best not to be squandered informing readers that the sky was no longer blue and water was wet no more.

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