Videos: Israelis Rise Up Against Vaccine Passports After Being Told MORE Shots Needed To Be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated’ … IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Adina Kutnicki

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By Adina Kutnicki

AKIN to a Golem which keeps rising up and won’t cease tormenting a fed up population, Israel’s feckless leaders, in unabashed hubris, have dictated a quadruple-down regimen of medical tyranny. This is so, despite the lack of efficacy of even one vax, let alone four! Insanity knows no bounds.

NOT only that, ask yourself: if the jab was so effective, why in heaven’s name are those already vaccinated testing positive for covid and landing up in the hospital? Moreover, if said so-called governmental protocol is the only way forward to regain personal freedom and a return to normalcy, what’s with the nonsensical narrative that the non-vaccinated pose a danger to the vaccinated? Ipso facto, why get jabbed in the first place, if it fails to offer protection? Whom are they kidding?

AS such and on its face, even if one is less…

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