COVID/COVID Vaccine “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Copied & pasted ‼️‼️Liam Yates
We said, “When the vaccines arrive, nothing will change”. They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”.
And the vaccines arrived and Nothing changed.
We said, “They’ll want to inject the children with their magic potion too”. They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”. And they’re now testing their experimental gene therapy on 6 month old babies.
We said, “The vaccines haven’t been tested for long enough. The clinical trials don’t end for another 2 years. THIS is the trial”.
They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”.
And it was confirmed that the hundreds of millions of people rolling up their sleeves are indeed taking part in the clinical trials.
We said, “There will be deaths and serious injuries caused by the vaccines”.
They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”.
And there are now hundreds of thousands of “unexplained” deaths, injuries and permanent disabilities being reported and logged.
We said, “Once injected, everyone will be expected to take regular Top-Up jabs to combat ‘new variants'”.
They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”. And now it’s being reported that regular Top-Up jabs are being prepared to combat “new variants”.
We said, “everyone will need a “vaccine passport” to access basic services, enter premises and socialise with others”.
They shouted “Conspiracy Theorist”.
And all over the World governments, corporations and Healthcare providers are collaborating on these schemes.
We said, once the government have imposed their “emergency lockdown” legislation they will Never withdraw it.
They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”.
And the government keep renewing their legislation every six months. Were you consulted?
We said. well, lots of things.
They shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist” at every one of them. But Everything we warned you about came true. Everything you laughed at actually happened. And the thing is, They’ve hardly started yet. They’re only toying with you.
They’ve already written the book, and we’re still on the first chapter.
We tried to warn you. But you shouted, “Conspiracy Theorist”.

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