We need to deep-dive into the dynamics of Facebook – By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News

The company has built a system that exempts high-profile users from some of its rules while regular users are sanctioned over them. 

With an exponential upsurge in “cancel culture“, which has been called a highly-developed Marxist weapon, it is now the main go-to operational method utilized by America’s political power-brokers on the left. But for a lock-step alignment with what has, for all intents and purposes, morphed into the Mockingbird Media, its effects would be negligible.

Basically, its end goal is to stifle freedom of speech; the cornerstone of which individualism and liberty rests. Thankfully and concomitantly, millions have awakenedSleeping giants. Rest assured, it is this awakening which has drawn a bulls-eye around social media giants, that is, with Facebook in the direct cross-hairs. Indeed, it is the defacto internet since nearly every site connects to it…

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