US Government Collapsing and We’re Pretending It’s Not – News Update! (Video)

US Government Collapsing and We’re Pretending It’s Not – News Update!


Published September 30, 2021

Are Democrats Leaving Biden?

The Lone Cactus

We know from polling, and I’ve blogged about it here ad nauseum, that Republicans and Independents are fleeing Democrat candidates, not just Joe Biden, but also for the House of Representatives, and also in the US Senate in next year’s midterms. What’s the reason?

Joe Biden.

Biden’s weakness as a leader has become painfully evident over the past eight months in office. So much so, that people in his own party are openly talking about trying to get someone to run for his job (not Harris) in 2024. Can you imagine the last time a sitting president who wanted to be reelected was not given the nomination? Well, I’ll clue you in. It was about 170 years ago and it happened to Franklin Pierce. In fact, it’s the only time in our country’s history it’s happened.

But Democrats are scurrying because of the failed and failing Biden agenda items that…

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Eating Their Own

The Lone Cactus

I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. Liberals have come from so many different angles, and so passionate about different things, that I knew in my heart there would come a day when maybe the environmentalists would be at odds with the gays. Maybe it was the women’s libbers tearing into the unions. Or maybe it was one minority pitting itself against another. Whatever the case, it seemed to me to be just too large of a tent with too many diverse platforms to be of use and agreement to everybody.

Now they’ve decided to eat their own.

It’s happening here in the great state of Arizona. Progressives, pissed as can be that Arizona Senator, Kyrsten Sinema has come out and basically said she cannot support a $3.5 trillion liberal wish list bill, that it’s too much money. And that has raised the ire of the Bernie Sanders…

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America Doesn’t Back “Voter Suppression Laws”

The Lone Cactus

I thought this was rather interesting when I came across an article in The Washington Examiner. It basically showed a Morning Consult poll that said some 44% of Americans think it should be HARDER to vote, not easier. Only 33% felt that the current laws made it too difficult to vote. 23% either had no opinion or were unsure. Independents also favored tougher voting standards.

This flies in the face of the “voter suppression” argument that Democrats have been slogging around for years. They’ve claimed that the current laws stop the minorities and the poor from voting because it means they have to produce ID’s. Now, every single state in the country will issue you a state government issued ID to use. All you have to do is get one. I think they’re probably even free, if you don’t want to dish out whatever your state charges for a driver’s…

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Crime Awareness: Chicago To Install “Bleeding Control Kits” All Over City

H/T gds44

The Tactical Hermit

Chicago To Install “Bleeding Control Kits” All Over City

Chi-Raq, a modern day third world American shit hole on par with Mogadishu has now decided to install Trauma Blowout Kits across the city (mainly in the Black and Latino Gang Areas I am sure) since their Gun Control Measures did not seem to work.

What a Joke.

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Citizen Tom

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Serious subject? I suppose so, but try to define the difference between masculine and feminine these days. The dictionary is no help. So, I won’t waste pixels posting the definitions. Instead, I will just link to the post that led to this post, describe the discussion I had there, and explain what I think a princess and her frog has to do with the feminization of the Christian church in America.

Where did this all start? I’ll Take Wrath for 200, Alex! ( insanitybytes22 has a nice little rant condemning someone who apparently claims to be a proud member of the male patriarchy. I am not unsympathetic, and I suppose I should have just shut up and moved on to something else, but think about what happens when a gal like insanitybytes22 vents. Some stupid guy is not content to just listen and let the…

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Fraud found in Delaware 2020 election

H/T Arlin Report

American Buddhist Net

Lauren Witzke: “Preliminary Audits of the Delaware 2020 elections are damning. Only 10% of the votes have been audited and they’ve already found over 20k fraudulent ballots. Internal polling before the elections were EXTREMELY close. They couldn’t let Joe Biden’s home state seem even remotely competitive while they were busy stealing the swing states- would have raised a few eyebrows. 


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The USA Today 001 (Video)

The USA Today 001


boudica us Published October 2, 2021

RumbleThe USA Today 001

The USA today is not the USA I grew up in, the USA I knew. Our “Representatives” have become our rulers. The Constitution is out.Wake up, throw all the bastards out. You may not have many more chances at the ballot box. Do it now, at the next election whether local, state or federal.

Biden Ends Beef! 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 in Climate Plan – #AbsoluteZero (Video)

Biden Ends Beef! 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 in Climate Plan – #AbsoluteZero


boudica us Published September 30, 2021 11 Views

RumbleBiden Ends Beef! 90% Reduction in Red Meat by 2030 in Climate Plan – #AbsoluteZero

How and Why Covid-19 Statistics Are Falsified (Video)

How and Why Covid-19 Statistics Are Falsified


boudica us Published October 1, 2021 4 Views

RumbleHow and Why Covid-19 Statistics Are Falsified

What David Icke uncovers about pandemic statistics will amaze you, and then fill you with outrage. He shows how the most common test for Covid-19 yields false positives because it can’t tell the difference between Covid-19 and other strains of coronavirus, which are common and mostly harmless. If you don’t like being deceived by con artists pretending to be scientists and public-health experts, you need this information. 2020 Mar 28 – Source: Truth VJ MC DirtyWork –