America Doesn’t Back “Voter Suppression Laws”

The Lone Cactus

I thought this was rather interesting when I came across an article in The Washington Examiner. It basically showed a Morning Consult poll that said some 44% of Americans think it should be HARDER to vote, not easier. Only 33% felt that the current laws made it too difficult to vote. 23% either had no opinion or were unsure. Independents also favored tougher voting standards.

This flies in the face of the “voter suppression” argument that Democrats have been slogging around for years. They’ve claimed that the current laws stop the minorities and the poor from voting because it means they have to produce ID’s. Now, every single state in the country will issue you a state government issued ID to use. All you have to do is get one. I think they’re probably even free, if you don’t want to dish out whatever your state charges for a driver’s…

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