Are Democrats Leaving Biden?

The Lone Cactus

We know from polling, and I’ve blogged about it here ad nauseum, that Republicans and Independents are fleeing Democrat candidates, not just Joe Biden, but also for the House of Representatives, and also in the US Senate in next year’s midterms. What’s the reason?

Joe Biden.

Biden’s weakness as a leader has become painfully evident over the past eight months in office. So much so, that people in his own party are openly talking about trying to get someone to run for his job (not Harris) in 2024. Can you imagine the last time a sitting president who wanted to be reelected was not given the nomination? Well, I’ll clue you in. It was about 170 years ago and it happened to Franklin Pierce. In fact, it’s the only time in our country’s history it’s happened.

But Democrats are scurrying because of the failed and failing Biden agenda items that…

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