Bennett cancels visit to Arab town at Ra’am’s request – ISLAMIC TERRORIST PARTY CALLS THE SHOTS IN ISRAEL

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

ONE can place lipstick on this and that pig and dress it up from here to eternity, but it will still stink and look like a pig. Sheesh.

TO extrapolate even further, ask yourself: when does bowing and scraping become a national security risk? Well, when one cobbles together a coalition deal with the terrorist-aligned Ra’am (Islamic Movement) Party, that is, in order to grab the votes needed to become Prime Minister, that’s when. Pray tell, who but a megalomaniac or a delusional personality would expect not to have to bow and scrape to the likes of Mansour Abbas to keep the very same government from falling? Who, indeed.

IN this regard, whereas the “deals done” behind the scenes will never be told, know this: common sense dictates that they…

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