Tired of Lies, Try Truth!


fear not your

People are tired of the lies, the propaganda and fear machines, yet, they look for the next FAKE FEAR NEWS like it’s going to somehow be true…as though, all of a sudden and just like that…something said by fake news will now be a fact. Why?

In the same vein, good people are sick of the lies and mandates that are bringing real chaos into their lives and growing restless wanting to do something to end it all now. They are not going to let the depopulation machine take their children without a fight. So, how does humanity stop the devils beastly system?

We’ve most all have heard the term, “you don’t take a knife to a gun fight”. One might also apply that type of comparison analogy to the battle of today, “you don’t take a gun into spiritual warfare”. Now knives and guns have their place in a…

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