Western Governments Have Proven Their Complicity in the Destruction of their Own Peoples

Western Governments Have Proven Their Complicity in the Destruction of their Own Peoples


Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers, I cannot protect you if you don’t read the information.  If you decide you prefer to live and do read the information below, ask yourselves this question:

Why do people with no legislative power—employers such as the Nazis at Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, school boards, university administrators, restaurant managers and owners, airlines, any employer, governors, mayors, hospitals—think they have the power to violate the Nuremberg laws and coerce patients, students, employees and their spouses,  and everyone else to accept injections with a substance that has by far the worst record in vaccine history of association with death and serious lifelong health injury? Indeed, the record of the Covid “vaccine” is worse than all previous vaccines added together.

Every person issuing a mandate is an incipient Nazi or many times worse. They have no such authority; yet the murderous fools expect not to suffer the fate of Nazi officials, doctors, and judges who did far less.

Where did they get such an unrealistic expectation?

They got it from the presstitute scum media, everyone of which is an accomplice to mass murder and crimes against humanity.

They got it from the moron installed by the corrupt and criminal American establishment who stole an election and installed the moron in the Oval Office.

They got it from Fauci, Walensky, and other “public health” officials who are in league with Big Pharma and benefit from its profits.

They got it from the total failure of the Trump and Biden regimes to investigate NIH and Fauci for violating the Bioweapons Convention signed by the US government and financing “gain of function” bioweapon research which is where the Covid virus came from.  Covid-19 came from NIH research grants, not from a bat.

In other words, clearly, the US government is an active accomplice in the mass murder and injury inflicted on people worldwide by the Covid “vaccine.”  Everyone of these criminals must be held accountable.

In India’s large Uttar Pradesh province, administering Ivermectin to the population reduced Covid cases by 97.1 percent.

This information has been suppressed by the Western whore media and “public health” authorities. https://www.globalresearch.ca/india-ivermectin-blackout-2/5757553  

Ochsner Health System in Louisiana requires spouses and partners of employees to get vaccinated or your pay check is reduced

I told you the control would be total.  It will get worse. Paul Craig Roberts read more

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