Is Trump The “UN-Candidate”?

The Lone Cactus

Donald Trump was all set to announce his candidacy for the presidency in 2024. He had the script written, the balloons were purchased, and the press was notified. But in the end, he did not announce. It was more of a “wink and a nod” type of announcement. And there was good reason.

First of all, if Trump were to announce his candidacy this early, it triggers how funds can be raised and more importantly, how they can’t be raised. It also triggers up the road an equal time provision. If someone like Fox News or Newsmax is going to show a Trump rally, they’re going to need to show a Biden rally at some point. Trust me, the conservative networks don’t want to do that (nor do the liberal networks!) But there is probably something more important than those two things.

That very important thing is called optics. If…

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