EXCLUSIVE: Israel may accept Iran as nuclear-threshold power on condition of US-Russian guarantees – PM Bennett, A Clear & Present Danger To Israel!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

AS an American-Israeli investigative journalist living in Israel, it is incumbent to analyze the facts at hand, regardless of the personal discomfort. And, as a conservative and a Zionist, to boot, it is more than painful to keep hammering home the betrayals of the Biden regime, as well as PM Bennett’s. It is what it is.

AS per the analysis within Jerusalem-based DEBKAfile Military Intelligence, while it is beyond alarming and shocking, it is not unexpected. Not at all. Wait and see.

THIS is so for all those with eyes and ears and a modicum of rational-based thinking — as to what’s been going down in both countries, yes, unmitigated western disasters!

BUT to shore up the above reality-based strategic assessment, the following should more than serve as sign-posts and precursors — to how the looming Israeli disaster came from there to here. Beyond a national nightmare…

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