CNN: Bad News For Dems

The Lone Cactus

Now, you’d expect this if it came from Breitbart, or Newsmax, or even Fox News. But this story comes ripped out of the pages of That’s right…one of the most hate-filled, liberal, snowflake, socialist networks in human existence. In fact, CNN has become so far left wing, that Venezuela refuses to quote them anymore because they are now left of Nicolas Maduro.

CNN warns it’s base that the latest Gallup poll says that Americans favor the generic Republican party more than the generic Democrat party to run this country in pretty much every category. On security, America favors the GOP 54-38% over the Democrats. On prosperity, it’s 50-41%. Those gaps for the GOP are the largest since 2015 for security, and 2014 for prosperity.

There have been huge declines since last year as well. Democrats’ ratings fell from 42 to 31% when asked who was better at handling “the…

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