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Treason: Afghanistan Disaster (Video)

Treason: Afghanistan Disaster


boudica us Published October 21, 2021

RumbleWayne Allyn Root

Treason: Afghanistan Disaster is More Proof Biden is Owned Lock, Stock & Barrel by China

Court Packing?

The Lone Cactus

The Biden administration almost a year ago, called for a commission to decide whether the Supreme Court should be expanded to 13 members from the current 9. Remember all the hullabaloo over Amy Coney Barrett getting nominated after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away? They were ready to take over the high court any way they could.

Biden said that he would appoint a commission to look into it, and he did.

But what the commission has come up with, and what is going to be made public next month by Biden is that the court should not probably be expanded to 13 justices. There’s not much in the way of legal precedent to do so, nor is there much agreement from those on the mostly liberal commission to do it.

Oh, they heard from scores of people that said it was a great idea. They heard from more people that…

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Christmas Woes

The Lone Cactus

I really haven’t shopped for a lot of Christmas gifts in an awfully long time. To be honest, I used to enjoy going out and getting my kids presents, but they’re grown and on their own now. I haven’t followed the latest trends in what kids want for years, and am happy my kids, who know better than I what my grandkids want, get a check from me and include that in their holiday shopping. My wife and I decided a very long time ago that we would each go out and buy ourselves what we wanted (within reason), and call that our Christmas gift from the other.

But there are a lot of folks out there that are thinking this Christmas may not be really a very merry one. That’s because of mask mandates, and shipping problems, mostly at two California ports, Los Angeles, and Long Beach. There are…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

If we are not going to trust God, who should we trust? Who will we trust? This is not a new question. King Solomon dealt with it in the Book of Ecclesiastes 1 NASB – The Futility of All Endeavors – The – Bible Gateway long ago.

Instead of living his life under Heaven — trusting in God — Solomon tried to live his life under the sun. That is, Solomon tried various alternatives to God: sex, stuff, science, state, and/or self. The Book of Ecclesiastes 1 NASB – The Futility of All Endeavors – The – Bible Gateway records what Solomon learned, the futility of putting our trust in anything or anyone except God.

From the perspective of God, the idolization sex, stuff, science, state, and/or self is nothing new under the sun. Yet every generation of man must learn for itself the futility of putting age-old idols of…

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Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse:

The Mad Jewess

Proud To Be An American? Come & SEE America’s Zombie Apocalypse In Democrat Philly:

The Camera-man slowed these scenes down a bit…but you MUST take a look at this. You MUST. This is so repulsive and disgusting that I feel so ashamed and sadto even show this!

THIS is just about ANY Commie-CRAT city in America and the sheep continue to vote for this.

[Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, Aug, 2021.HAT TIP: TED NOIZ]

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Did Ya Know That Obama’s 60’th Birthday Had Donation Cards: “Donate $6, $60, Or $600?” More In Ya Face Anti Christ Connections:

The Mad Jewess

Did Ya Know That Obama’s 60’th Birthday Had Donation Cards: “Donate $6, $60, Or $600?” More In Ya Face Anti-Christ Connections:

Satanic, demonic, anti-Christ filth, Barack Hussein Obama puts it ‘out there’ for all to see but it went over everyone’s head and I mean everyone….EXCEPT this dude:CLICK “Live Action Eating”

With the supernatural realm, satan MUST ‘tell the truth’. The issue is: WHO will hear it?

I did a video on Hussein being the “Gog”, “Anti christ”

I did this video the other day explaining how Jared Kushner is not the anti-christ:

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VIDEO – Brought To You By #PFIZER! #CNN, #AndersonCooper, #GoodMorningAmerica, #CBS, #Nightline ETC! Stop Buying The BS!!!!!

The Mad Jewess

Brought To You By #PFIZER! #CNN, #AndersonCooper, #GoodMorningAmerica, #CBS, #Nightline ETC! Stop Buying The BS!!!!!

They got you sheep….hook, line and sinker. Your minds are OWNED:

And, you filthy, no good, rotten Communist, Globalist bastards can take it down but you CANT stop the truth:

Brought To You By Pfizer? Progressive Truth Seekers

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And, NOW? Right Handed Privilege. “Critical Hand Theory”

The Mad Jewess

And, NOW? Right Handed Privilege. “Critical Hand Theory”

You thought the totalitarian bully jerks had reached their level? Nope. These idiots have been pushing the ‘right handed privilege’….at least since 2016. But, now our ‘privilege’ makes the ‘news’ (if you want to call it that).

It Was Fun While It Lasted Righties. “Critical Hand Theory” Has Arrived

Idiots. Lunatics…Insufferably mad.

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