NYC’s Commissar Strikes, Again! – Cut Down the Tall Trees: De Blasio Goes Full “Hutu Militia” on NYC’s Gifted and Talented Children

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

IN seeking a full-on take-down of America, that is, in an attempt to inevitably and eventually install a  Marxist/socialist/communist regime, it is absolutely imperative to capture the kiddies for generations to come — in mind, body, and soul! So much so, there is a mapped-out playbook to said effect. No kidding. 

ALL of which necessitates and underlies the take-over and dismantling of the educational system via the insertion of the Marxist-designed Critical Race Theory (CRT); that which is the epicenter of a tectonic struggle between parents and the Biden regime, a/k/a the Demon-Rat Mafia! 

…..Grab some popcorn because the NSBA just threw AG Merrick Garland under the bus.

The National School Board Association on Friday announced “we regret and apologize for the…

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