Suppression of Early of CV19 Treatment Calamitous – Dr. Pierre Kory (Video)

Suppression of Early of CV19 Treatment Calamitous – Dr. Pierre Kory


Greg Hunter’s Published October 23, 2021

RumbleJoin Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory one of the top Pulmonary and Critical Care experts on the planet who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance. (There is much more in the nearly 44 min. interview)

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China’s Plan to Invade American Soil!

H/T Arlin Report

First Off, I and most Americans don’t have a dislike for the Chinese. It’s the Leaders who direct the Path Of their Nation that dictates what will become of that Nation. China appears to now be flowing the Path to War. Haters of Americans will still claim it to be all the Americans hated us Chinese. No, nothing is farther from the Truth. China is trading places with America and now becoming more and more IMPERIALISTS and America less and less. China is desperate for Land. So much so that they are building Artificial Islands. And claiming more and more Ocean Boundaries farther and farther away from land for planned Underwater Cities? It is not Americans in bed with each other to Kill Chinese as some cry out to hide the truths. And it would be a Controlled “Tit for Tat” use of Nuclear Weapons unless other Nations are brought…

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@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

The Mad Jewess

@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

Before I rant about this whiner.. My sister’s rent got raised $200-, the black people down the hall got their rent raised $200- There is no such thing as ‘white privilege’.

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I read this post by Temper-Tantrum Toure: He is crying about Condoleeza Rice and how she doesn’t whine and weep like he does over not being born white.

….Because that’s the REAL issue here, people. Most Left-wing blacks HATE that they are black. ( Latin-‘X’ & Leftist Jews, also.. Sorry, it’s true) This isn’t about ‘racism’. Its just an issue with allowing covetousness to rule your mind for these Leftist groups. A burning envy. A lust for something that they can’t acquire and never will.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, boo hooooooooooo, I’m a victim because I’m not beautiful”

When we see people like Hershel Walker and…

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Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

The Mad Jewess

Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

Just a quiet, religious Jewish man not wearing a mask is confronted by evil, black Leftists and tossed off the bus. Sorry… but I would have hit back and hard.

HAT TIP: Unmasked Jew ejected from NYC bus by black passengers…

Victoria Fyfe SAYS:

2 hours ago It is disgusting to hear the other bus passengers being blatantly racist. The guy who took the man’s hat and then shoved him should be sued. Everyone else on the bus who didn’t stand up for this man is a coward. The segregation has already begun and history is repeating itself. Wake up or rot in hell.

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BREAKING: Israeli physicians, scientists advise FDA of ‘severe concerns’ regarding reliability and legality of official Israeli COVID vaccine data – Personal Intersection … Primum Non Nocere!

Adina Kutnicki

    By Adina Kutnicki
    EVER since Israel’s leaders consigned the nation to be the “laboratory for the world” re all things covid — in a quid pro quo bid to receive first dibs on the covid-19 EXPERIMENTAL vaccines via Pfizer (and Moderna, to a lesser extent) — an underlying arrangement with Israel’s Health Ministry became its centerpiece, that is, without patient consent! Imagine that. It went something like this: supplies will keep coming, just as long as patient data keeps flowing, and with minimum emphasis placed on “adverse events.” This is not a made-up calculus. 
    AS documented within the below (9/2020) article, a personal nexus exists between the push-back from Israel’s front-line physicians and scientists, and other professional groups alike. It is centered around the increasingly dangerous protocols surrounding Israel’s covid-19 practices.

    This writer’s partner, a.k.a. Doc, is part and parcel…

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    Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill to Create Special Envoy to Monitor “Islamophobia” Around the World … Fox In The Hen-House …

    Adina Kutnicki

    By Adina Kutnicki

    ATOP all of the wildly dangerous initiatives injected into the American landscape (domestic and foreign) by the DemonRAT Mafia, one could be forgiven for thinking that one of the main Muslimas within Congress, Ilhan Omar, a product of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, would not want to draw attention to herself. But never mind. A tailwind is at her back and she sees little reason to lie low.

    and on … and on … and on … 

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